Millions of cats & dogs die each year due to overpopulation.  Millions are humanely euthanized at your overburdened local shelters.  However, millions of other cats & dogs die each year from starvation, exposure to the elements, disease, injury or human cruelty.


Companion animal overpopulation is not a problem that can resolve itself.  You cannot adopt your way out and you cannot humanely euthanize your way out.  The long-term spaying and neutering of the population is the key component of the solution.  This is why Spay-Neuter-Now exists and why we all need to work together!


Spay-Neuter-Now, Ltd. (SNN) is a 501(c)(3) (Tax ID 571182938) nonprofit grassroots organization dedicated to reducing the companion animal overpopulation in Northern New York State.  SNN programs include public & professional education and providing spay and neuter assistance to in-need animals, people and communities.


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47 Duck Cove Rd

Hammond, NY 13646


Spay-Neuter-Now was founded in 1994 by Beatrice Schermerhorn (Hammond, NY). In 2004, SNN incorporated as

Spay-Neuter-Now, Ltd. and took the first Neuter Commuter mobile clinic on the road.  SNN retired and replaced the Neuter Commuter in 2008 with a brand new 27-foot custom built mobile surgical unit called the Neuter Commuter II.


Since October 1994, Spay-Neuter-Now has performed or aided in over 16,000 cat & dog spays & neuters in Northern New York. Our mobile clinic continues to be active primarily in St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Lewis Counties.

Neuter Commuter II

The Neuter Commuter II

NYS Clinic Coverage Map

Thanks to SNN Sponsors, Grantors, and Supporting Organizations & Businesses:

Spay-Neuter-Now Administrative Office ~ 47 Duck Cove Road, Hammond, NY 13646 ~ 315.324.5969 ~

Mobile Clinic Office ~ PO Box 802, Canton, NY 13617 ~ 315.486.0094 or  315.489.0541 ~

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